1966 Plymouth Belvedere II

This is my 1966 Belvedere she is a long way from being done but one day she will see the road. I have always been interested in the old muscle cars. This car paved the way for awesome power such as the 1967 Plymouth Hemi GTX. While the GTX has more power and has slight differences in trim and features the 1966 Belvedere has a cool factor with its single headlights up front and the cool looking beltline moldings that circle the gas cap. My car happens to be a Lynch Rd built 383 car. I do not have the fender tag but I do have the original Chrysler Certicard. This is a decent point of reference since it is encoded with some of the options that should have been on the fender tag.

So here we are in 2020 and this old car is now a hodge podge of parts collected and from another 1966 Belvedere that I purchased for a parts car. So join me on the journey to bring it back to life.