The 440

This is the first engine I ever assembled, I had the machine work done and pretty much was given a list of things to purchase. This engine went from a low compression 75 RV to a pretty good power maker. With the help of .30 over pistons rebuilt 452 heads as well as some porting. Installed a Summit K6401 cam and lifter set. Cloyes double roller timing set and various other parts in the list. Turned out well for my first build ever and started right up on my home made engine run stand.

This engine was pretty rough and had been sitting on a trialer in a field for 20 years. It required a .30 over bore to get the cylinders useable.
Block taken apart and ready for the machine shop.
Block assembly .30 over Speed Pro forged pistons installed.
Other side.
Rockers and push rods installed.
Intake mocked up Mopar M1 intake.
Here the engine is in its final configuration before finishing up the accessories and installing it onto the run stand.
Breaking in the cam probably should have used headers instead of the HP manifolds but its all I had at the moment.